Tochnog Professional


This example demonstrates the behavior of a 3d sheared wall. It actually is a masonry wall, with a concrete slab both at the top and at the bottom. You can find the Tochnog input file for this calculation in the test/youtube directory of your distribution. We use as constitutive models for the masonry: transverse isotropic elasticity, compression plasticity, tension nonlocal visco-plasticity, directional mohr-coulomb and tension plasticity using multi laminates and finally a Mazars damage. Numerical results are compared with an experiment from literature. The input file for this calculation is provided in your distribution.

Literature reference:
1. Plastic strength of Masonry Walls. Ganz H.R. and Thuerlimann B. 7th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference, February 1985, Melbourne (Australia).

2. Modelli di danno e plasticita per l'analisi di elementi strutturali in muratura. Monti di Sopra E. PhD Thesis 2009