Tochnog Professional


One of the main topics of interest in combined civil - geotechnical engineering is the foundation analysis of buildings. Especially when the geometrical configuration of piles is non-trivial, and the soil properties are complex, a FE calculation gives added value.

In the foundation calculation shown here, an existing high-rise building (height: 97 m) is partially demolished and then vertically (new height: 110) and ground-area-wise (additional ground area: 300 m2) extended. The extension has a piled raft foundation. Actually, the whole building has one foundation now, since the old and the new part are connected. The first figure 3D FE mesh; the calculation uses the hardsoil material model as available in Tochnog Professional.

The second figure shows the back-analyis of the settlements of the existing high-rise; yes, maximum measured settlement is 30.6 cm.

For more information see the pdf file. This example is courtesy CDM Consult GmbH, Germany,