Tochnog Professional


Groundflow is one of the major variables in understanding the physical behavior in geotechnics. In case the presence of water is well separated in saturated zones and non-staurated zones, Tochnog Professional allows for easy mesh independent input of one or multiple phreatic levels. However, the phreatic level may not always be know a priori, and besides saturated regions and non saturated regions there may also be partly saturated regions.

The first picture here shows the calculated groundflow pore pressure in a dam with a partial saturation zone. At the right of the dam is a prescribed water level (sea level). At the left edge a 'drainage' conditions is specified, water can leave the dam but cannot enter it at the left edge.

The second picture shows the degree of saturation as following from the calculation. At the right the dam is fully saturated with water, but at the top of the drainage edge on the left the dam is fully non-saturated.